Bob's Beliefs

As an incumbent seeking re-election, I will be held accountable to my record of votes and positions. I welcome that. Since October 2016, I have published a monthly newsletter, the Boulder Bulletin, in which I state my positions openly and clearly, and where I report and explain my votes on the most significant issues. So my record is there for all to see. You can subscribe to the Bulletin by clicking here.

Every issue of the Bulletin is linked below. In addition, my positions and votes are categorized below by topic. While you may not agree with every one of my votes, please consider whether they were made rationally and fairly, based on the facts available at the time.

Past issues of the Boulder Bulletin


June 2019
Taxes, large houses, Alpine-Balsam, e-scooters, prairie dogs

May 2019
Municipalization, LGBTQ support, Hill re-vitalization, taxes

April 2019
Harbeck House, campaign finance, homelessness

March 2019
Property taxes, flood mitigation, middle income housing, hate crimes

February 2019
Community survey, homeless shelter, Hill revitalization, walking

January 2019
Hill re-vitalization, Municipalization, opportunity zone


December 2018
Alpine-Balsam, library funding, towing

November 2018
Inquire Boulder, budget, flood mitigation, large houses

October 2018
Sugary drink tax, budget, Municipalization, flood mitigation, large houses

September 2018
Budget, accessory dwelling units, sugary drink tax, flood mitigation, Section 8 discrimination, sister cities

August 2018
Homelessness, retail strategy, zoning, 311 Mapleton, library

July 2018
Accessory dwelling units, height limits, broadband, dockless bike sharing, 311 Mapleton

June 2018
Broadband, fracking, assault weapons

May 2018
Assault weapons, commercial linkage fees, Jaipur Literature Festival

April 2018
Commercial linkage fees, flood mitigation, East Pearl zoning, boards & commissions

March 2018
Budget, Municipalization, Chautauqua shuttle, commercial linkage fees, assault weapons, accessory dwelling units

February 2018
30th & Pearl, Alpine-Balsam, broadband, Hogan-Pancost, homelessness

January 2018
Downpayment assistance, Municipalization, sexually-violent predators, campaign finance


December 2017
Council priorities, sexually-violent predators, beverage taxes, mobile home regulations, library district

November 2017
Mid-term check-in, budget, Hogan-Pancost, affordable housing

October 2017
Ballot, middle income housing, homeless shelter, 30th & Pearl

September 2017
Ballot measures, Municipalization, neighborhood speed management, sexually-violent predators

August 2017
Municipalization, flood mitigation, human services strategy

July 2017
Boulder Measures, sexually-violent predators, Attention Homes, 90/96 Arapahoe, Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

June 2017
CU South, downtown banks, Municipalization, sugary-drink tax

May 2017
Municipalization, 3303 Broadway, Chautauqua parking, broadband

April 2017
Broadband, Museum of Boulder, height limits, boards & commissions

March 2017
Government regulation, bank ban, commercial linkage fee, flood mitigation, Municipalization, energy conservation, Tantra Lake Apartments

February 2017
Boards & commissions, sanctuary city, co-ops, 3303 Broadway, bear mitigation, council practices, CU South, head tax

January 2017
Council priorities, climate goals, marijuana regulation, sister city, co-ops


December 2016
Municipalization annexation, commercial linkage fees, open space acquisition, HOP Bus

November 2016
Civil discourse, budget, 30th & Pearl, Boulder Community Health expansion, Municipalization annexation

October 2016
Co-ops, camping ban, CU conference center, budget, Municipalization

Positions and votes by topic

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